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Dear visitors, our internet platform was created since 2001 and then has been offering on the Bulgarian market products for the baby and the mother with the highest quality and competitive prices. In 2017. we have expanded our business and started strollers-eu.com. Since then, many parents in Europe have trusted us to offer and deliver the dream baby stroller. We offer a fast and profitable delivery of baby products across Europe. Our main advantage is that we maintain a large stock of products in our catalog and develop our own brands. The entire catalog of our site is from carefully selected quality and innovative products.

We offer a wide variety of baby strollers for the Polish companies Roan, Espiro, Baby Design, Retrus and NIO. We will introduce you in detail with the features and functions of baby carriages so that we can make the most of your choice according to your needs and requirements.


Here you will find a great variety of quality baby bedding sets from leading Bulgarian and European manufacturers - NIO, Made in Bulgaria, Motherhood and others. There is also a wide selection of baby blankets (winter, summer, transient)mattress protection, sleeping bags, sheets and bumpers of well-established companies - Bebetto, Caramell, Gaye.


We have selected for you some of the best and most sought after products in the field of breastfeeding and maternal care. (Medela, Canpol, Naturana, Motherhood), while maintaining the utmost diversion of their products. You can also find baby accessories - bottles, breast pumps, feeding chairs and many other accessories.

 Бебешки магазин Слънчице

In our shop you will find a great variety of accessories for the baby stroller. We offer a unique collection of sunshades, parasols, carrycot sets, bags and footmuffs for baby carriages. The designer collection of universal sunshades for baby strolles is fantastic and can meet all our customers' quests. We can also offer universal pads, raincoats, and insect net for baby strollers.


 At e-mail shop@strollers-eu.com you can send all your questions and impressions from strollers-eu shop. We will be glad to share with us as you think about the store assortment (quality, prices, variety). Do not hesitate to write to us about each problem - our aspiration is to satisfy your requirements as much as possible and always feel good visiting the strollers-eu shop.