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Balloons 3 Pieces Sheet Set

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Short Details
  • The set of sheets of three parts made of 100% cotton fabric ranforce.
  • Exceptional soft and comfortable to the touch the ranforce is very suitable for the little baby.
  • Universal size
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Balloons 3 Pieces Sheet Set

  • The set of sheets of three parts made of 100% cotton fabric ranforce.
  • Made of high quality and comfortable materials that are suitable for baby's skin.
  • Includes a sheet for mattress, sheet for duvet and pillowcase.
  • With them he shall complement your bedroom set Balloons, so that you have everything you need when changing laundering.
  • Universal size

The set includes:

  • sheet (for mattress)- 100/160 см
  • sheet (for duvet) - 100/140см
  • pillow case - 30/40 cm

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