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General Terms

Dear customers,

Welcome to the website of "NIO" Ltd. Please before using the site, read carefully the present information. It is provided in accordance with the European requirements and is a part of the agreement between you and "NIO" Ltd., which regulates the use of the site strollers-eu.com and purchase of goods. Any visitor, notwithstanding whether he / she is registered or not, using the site will indicate his/her consent with the present terms and conditions. In case of disagreement with them, please stop immediately to use the website.
The information specified bellow is part of the commercial terms and conditions between "NIO" Ltd. as owner of the site strollers-eu.com, representing online shop for goods intended for children and users of the website regarding the use of the site and opportunities provided on it for conclusion of sale-purchase contracts from a distance.



1. Within the meaning of the present Terms and conditions:
1.1. "Product" and "Goods" represent exhibited on the website and proposed for purchase items.
1.2. "User" is anyone who has visited the website moebebe.com
1.3. "Registered User" means any user who has customized his/her presence on the website by entering his/her user name and password.
1.4. "Order" is a proposal made by registered or unregistered user to purchase goods under the terms and conditions provided below.
1.5. "Provider" and "Seller" is " NIO" Ltd., UIC 131400824, with headquarter and address of business in Bulgaria, city of Sofia r.d. "Lyulin", bl.796, shop "Slanchice" /Sunny/, telephone: 0888 42 51 51, e‑mail address: shop@moebebe.com
2. Owner of the website strollers-eu.com is "NIO" Ltd., UIC 131400824, which company is a supplier and seller of goods offered on the website.
3. Party under these terms and conditions are Users within the meaning of items 1.2. and 1. 3.
4. The website strollers-eu.com offers for purchase goods to persons over 18 years old.
4.1. By accepting these terms and conditions, users declare that they are aged 18 years or above and that they are capable.
4.2. In case you are under the age of 18 years and / or are incapable, please do not use the website.
4.3. The provider reserves the right to restrict access of certain users to the website and / or to services provided when there is evidence that their age is under 18 years and / or that they are incapable.
5. When users visit the website strollers-eu.com or when they send messages as e‑mail, users communicate with the Provider electronically. For the purposes of accomplishing contact with users, Provider reserves the right to use such electronic methods of communication. In this connection the users express their consent to the use of this type of communication and declare that transmitted through it agreements, notifications, data etc. meet the requirements of the law applicable to them in writing.
6. The provider will not send commercial messages to users other than those provided for in these terms and conditions, as well as messages related to the delivery and subsequent relationships. The user agrees to receive the provided communications and messages related to the delivery and subsequent relationships.
6.1. The provider has no right to send unsolicited commercial messages without prior permission of the user.
6.2. The provider is not responsible for commercial messages and unsolicited commercial messages sent by third parties (including advertisers, associates etc.), notwithstanding whether these messages are related or not with the use of the website and with services provided.
7. The provider provides the user electronic catalogue of goods, which the user may purchase by submitting an order and payment of the declared sale price observing the present terms and conditions as well as additionally indicated specific requirements for particular goods.
8. The exact description of the type, model and technical characteristics of goods offered through the website contains next to and below the picture of the product, please read carefully the information before making a purchase decision.
9. The final price of the goods with VAT included is indicated in the immediate vicinity to the photo of the product.
9.1. The cost of delivery is regulated in section delivery and payment.
10. Payment of the final price of ordered goods (with VAT included) shall be done entirely before delivery through bank remittance.
11.1. The users accept the present terms and conditions as follows:
11.2. The users, who have not registered on the website, accept the terms and conditions through its loading and usage of the services provided there.
11.3. Registered users accept the present terms and conditions by ticking the box "I agree with the terms of purchase" and pressing the button "Continue". Thus, users perform electronic declaration within the meaning of the Law on Electronic Document and Electronic Signature, under which they declare that they are familiar with the present terms and conditions, accept them and undertake to observe them.
11.4. Before signing a contract for distance selling, the user by pressing the button "Buy" has explicitly declared that he / she understands and accepts that sale - purchase contract under which he / she obliges to pay the purchase price of goods selected by him/her to the provider.
11.5. The provider shall immediately confirm receipt of the declarations made by the user by sending a confirmation on e-mail of the user.
changes in the CONDITIONS
12.1. The provider has the right to unilaterally change the present terms and conditions;
12.2. Any changes of the present terms and conditions shall come into force after sending electronic (e-mail) notification or after publication on the website.
12.3. Changes of the terms and conditions not affect the relations between the User and the Provider in connection with validly of request for purchase submitted before the notification.
Electronic Catalogue
13. Individual goods are presented arranged by specifications defined on the website.
13.2. Each presentation contains basic information about the proposed good, indicating its final price, pictures or other form of image specifying product, particular specifications of the good and / or special rules for delivery, if any.
13.3. Besides imaging, the good is specified through description of its model, size, technical characteristics and other relevant data as well.
13.4. The indicated price of each product is for one item. It includes the net price of the product and the calculated value added tax (VAT) as well as all other statutory taxes and fees.
14. The order for delivery of goods is done by filling forms presented on the website.
15.1. The User is obliged to indicate the precise details for the person who will receive the goods as well for the place of delivery.
15.2. The choice of goods is done by clicking the button "Order", located in the electronic catalogue immediately below the short description of the relevant product.
15.3. In the order automatically will be described the selected goods, their quantity, their final price including VAT as well as the total price including VAT of all goods covered by the order.
15.4. At any time prior to sending the order, the user can remove from the form any good chosen by him/her and / or to add another one.
15.5. Finalization of the order is done by clicking the button "Finalization of order", located directly below the total value of products ordered.
15.6. The order form requires the introduction of the name and surname of the person who will receive the goods, his / her e-mail address, telephone number and delivery address.
15. 7. The conclusive execution and forwarding of the order is done by pressing the button "Buy".
15.8. After receiving the order, the Provider will contact the User by phone or via email.
15. 9. The User should immediately confirm the order explicitly.
15. 10. The order does not bind the Provider in case the User has not specified in his / her order form the means of contact (telephone number and e-mail address) as well as in case he / she cannot be accessed through means of contact provided or if he / she does not confirm or cancel the order.
16. If after received order the Provider has ascertained that the ordered product is no longer available or cannot be delivered due to other objective reason, the Provider should immediately notify the User by phone or via email.
17. The contract is concluded upon payment of the price.
The delivery
18. The delivery of ordered goods is done by courier service.
19. The time of delivery is 10 working days from the confirmation of the order.
20.1. The ordered goods will be delivered to the address provided by the User, in case this address is accurate and valid. The User is obliged to provide access and possibility ordered goods to be received.
20.2. The ordered goods will be delivered in appropriate packaging, according to their type, size and mode of delivery.
20.3. If the user will not be found within the period for execution of delivery on the address provided or if the user does not provide access and possibility for receipt of ordered goods the Provider is released from any responsibility to perform the contract as the delivery costs will be borne by the user.
20.4. If the user confirms his / her desire to receive ordered goods after the expiry of delivery time, costs for additional delivery will be at his / her expense.
20.5. The ordered goods can be received from a third authorized person, provided that he / she have confirmed the identity of the ordered and received goods.
20.6. The third party receiving the delivery is not entitled to return the goods or to make any objections concerning the delivery.


30. With the purpose of conclusion and execution of sale-purchase contracts through the website, the Provider collects and processes the following information about Users:
- Personal name, father’s name and family name;
- Current address (notwithstanding permanent address, present address or otherwise) in order execution of the delivery;
- e-mail address;
- Telephone number (landline, mobile or otherwise) for connection concerning the delivery;
- e-mail address of a registered user;
- Name of a registered user;
- IP address of user;
- Other information concerning the website traffic and technical parameters of the site (the time and date of the visit, duration of use of the site, duration of loading of the site and of each page, how it has been used, which products and services have been interested, etc. )
31. Information under paragraph 30 has collected through technology cookies, web-beacons, etc.
32.1. The files under the present paragraph located on your hard disk from the website does not in any way affect your operating system, its resources and functionality, they do not threaten in any way your software, hardware, your security and can be deleted at any time.
32.2. The user may at any time to prohibit the admission of the files under this paragraph through setting-up of his / her Internet browser.
33. The collected information is used only for:
- Maintenance and reliable functioning of high-quality website as well as improvement the level of services offered;
- Providing information and transactions desired by users;
- Personalization of activity according to user account;
- Communication between the Provider and Users;
- Accomplishment of examinations and improvements of services proposed by us;
- Identification and removal of technical irregularities;
- Analysis of the behaviour of the website and users;
- Passing the necessary traffic information to advertisers.
34. The Provider undertakes not to disclose personal information for the User and not to provide such information collected to third parties unless:
- He / she has obtained the explicit consent of the User;
- The information is required by government bodies and officials, which are authorized under the effective Bulgarian legislation, to require and collect such information, in full compliance with the statutory procedures;
- In other cases provided by law.
35. The users have the right to require deletion of personal data available for them allowing their identification as individuals, but it will also include the closure of username and password used by them. The users agree that this could lead to a delay or inability to perform deliveries, in which case the Provider shall not be liable for failure to meet contractual obligations.
36. The processing of data collected will be performed in accordance with the provisions of these terms and conditions and in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.
37. Strollers-eu.com together with all text, images, files, design, logos etc. elements composing the website are the property of "NIO" Ltd.
38.1. The users of the website moebebe.com have no right to distribute, change (edit), copy (except for non-commercial, personal use), transmit, expose, re-create, reproduce, publish, create derivative works from, to transfer, sell or otherwise use the content of the website without the express written permission of "NIO" Ltd.
38.2. It is not permissible to use the website and e-mail addresses of "NIO" Ltd. for posting or transmitting any infringing, threatening, false, misleading, abusive, harassing, libelous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, scandalous, incendiary, pornographic or profane material or any material that could constitute or encourage conduct that would be considered as a criminal offense, would give rise to civil or criminal liability or otherwise would violate the law.
38.3. It is forbidden to use the website to advertise or perform any other form of attracting customers without written permission of "NIO" Ltd.
39. The Provider is not responsible:
- For acts accomplished through or on the website by the users including through unauthorized access to the website;
- For endured damages and lost profits arising in connection with the use, access, content or accuracy of the information on other websites and resources to which the Provider provides hyper-links through the website;
- For direct, indirect, incidental, consequential damages incurred due to the inability to use the website or parts thereof due to the technical reasons.
40. All copyrights, trademarks, designs, rights on the databases and other objects of intellectual property are owned by their lawful owners.